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OSHA Audit of Sterigenics Reveals Alarming Worker Exposures

The Stop Sterigenics team recently received OSHA documents indicating dangerous levels of exposure to employees across many areas of their building, including their loading docks:

In 2005, an OSHA audit showed an employee was exposed to 95.3 parts per million of EtO, or 95,300 parts per billion. Sterigenics was considered too great a threat to the community when ambient air testing from February 2019 indicated levels up to 89 parts per billion.

So what was Sterigenics' solution? In June 2006, they reported they "successfully petitioned to the EPA to disconnect the back vents from emissions controls and redirect the emissions into the atmosphere."

Every decade, Sterigenics has put out statements ensuring safety, while their record continues to prove otherwise. They are not welcome in our community. They have poisoned us long enough.

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