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US EPA updates on their Air Monitoring data can be found here:

On February 15, Willowbrook released results from independent testing indicated extremely high ambient levels of ethylene oxide in the community surrounding Sterigenics along with their press release which led to the announcement that Sterigenics was shut down by the IL EPA.  You can read more here:

On February 8, the US EPA updated their website with monitoring results for November and December.  Dangerous levels of ethylene oxide were detected throughout the community and at three schools.  A spreadsheet of results can be found here, a map with plotted numbers can be found here. More information on the US EPA Air Monitoring in Willowbrook can be found here. 

On December 12, 2018, private testing in Burr Ridge and Willowbrook  confirmed elevated levels EO in our air,  homes, and schools. Test results  established that wind levels and patterns dictate the exposures we face on a day by day basis. 


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