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Legislation Information

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

New legislation was introduced on 9/13/19 which is a complete phase out of EtO emissions.

We support the passage of this bill. From the Press Release:

HB3888, sponsored by Rep. Rita Mayfield, Rep. Joyce Mason, Rep. Sam Yingling, Rep. Anne Stava-Murray, and supported by Sen. John Curran and Sen. Melinda Bush, is a comprehensive bill that will do the following:

● Phase out EtO emissions by 2021 for sterilization facilities, and 2022 for hospitals

● Prevent emissions from hospitals or sterilizers near population centers and schools by including a regional cap

● Require air monitoring for all emissions sources

● Require reporting by the Illinois EPA on where EtO is used, how much is used, and the estimated impact

● Require reporting of EtO emissions by all manufacturers

● Explicitly prohibit the uncontrolled venting or dumping of ethylene oxide

● Enhance public information for community members, including plans of the phase-out for each site

We need your help. An Illinois House Committee is being held on September 30th Downtown Chicago. During this committee hearing members of this community and representatives of Lake County will be speaking in support of House Bills 3888 and 3885.

Show your support by filing a witness slip here. Please follow the directions closely! Unless you sign up for an account, you cannot edit once submitted.

Here is the full press release from Illinois Environmental Counsel:

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